Bulb Planting

I'm always thrown off by bulb planting. Yes, I "get it" that they have to overwinter to produce, but just when it's time to really enjoy the beauty of autumn...the leaves, the mums, the angle of the light...you have to remember to plant the spring bulbs. I remember one year I was planting bulbs as the snow was falling...this year is different; I purchased my bulbs this week at Sam's Club (it's so sad that Sam's is one of my most favorite places to shop). One box (70!!) of Angelique/Montreaux Double Tulips (shown above) and one box of Creme Upstar/Red Double Dutch Tulips...to be planted in half-barrels with an overplanting of mums. One planting, two seasons of color. With so many bulbs, I'll have a few for pots to be left out on the unheated back porch for early forcing.

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Catching Up

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