Labor Day Weekend

Although Labor Day isn't a "patriotic" holiday, I always group the three summer holidays together as such; my entry way is decorated in the red, white, and blue from pre-Memorial Day through Labor Day. I'm really getting itchy to pull out the autumn decorations though. It's been such a long, hot summer...
The plan for this weekend is to pull out the fall items in anticipation of the cooler (please!!) weather to come. I feel almost like I do in the middle of winter...I come home and hibernate inside...to hot to do anything, just as it's too cold and unpleasant to do anything in midwinter. Face it...I'm a spring and fall type person. Now, if only I could find a place to relocate that focused on those two seasons...


Almost Back to School Time

Less than one week until school starts. I'm pretty excited though...May 2008 graduation! Yeah for me!


Found these beautiful floral pictures on someone's
website...don't remember where. Nice bright fall colors...just what we need now. I was out in my little backyard this morning and most of my flowers are "toast". Not enough water...or rain. It's time to pull most of them up and replace them with Wal*Mart mums. Loads of color, nice price, and perhaps a little beauty will return to the backyard.


Another Week...

I found some wonderful apron patterns online a few weeks ago. This one is just so cute...time for a little fabric shopping this weekend!

I had an interesting Sunday afternoon. On a whim, I listed some Vera Bradley items for sale on my Vera Bradley Exchange Yahoo Group. Within an hour, I had sold three pieces...$92.00 worth...and NO commissions to Ebay. What a sweet deal! So nice to make money while sitting in front of the laptop.


Moving furniture...

It would be so nice to be able to just come in to my house and just relax...relish the cleanliness and orderliness of my space...read a book, listen to music, or just "be". It seems like every little project I start snowballs into a gigantic ball of confusion. Last week it was cleaning the carpets. I moved all of the furniture so I could clean all of the carpeting. When I repositioned thefurniture it just didn't feel right...so this weekend I'm moving the furniture around again. What a vicious circle!


What can you do when it's 102?

Not much to write about lately...the heat, the humidity, the total lack of beauty in my little backyard "downtown" garden. No complaints, though. It could always be worse.

On the plus side, since I've been inside in air conditioning lots lately, I've had a chance to get caught up on reading, and general housework. I've mixed up some new cleaning potions utilizing essential oils...makes cleaning so much more pleasant! I've painted some older pieces of furniture, inspired by some of the fantastic blogs I've been reading, so they have been given new life...much prettier and airier. I've weeded my bookcases, and as much as I love, love, love books, I've carted many away to the resale shop. It feels good to have a little space on the shelves. Anyway...if I need to reference anything, I can always find it at work...the library! No need for duplicates.

Today is the beginning of a 3 day weekend for me...what will I get into?