Rainy Sunday Ramblings

After a huge downpour yesterday afternoon that continued through the evening, today's weather forecast looks like a repeat of yesterday. Good, good, good...my plants look so much better after water from the sky than water from my garden hose! The basil is flourishing, the tomatoes are growing, and the weeds...WOW. I need to find a little time in my day to pull some of those! I gazed through magazines last night...old Country Home issues...pulling out pages to put in my inspiration file. A few new ideas culled, and a few recipes to add to the rotation. Reminder: do not make the cold Southwestern Corn soup from Everyday Food again, now matter how delicious it looks. It rates a 10 for presentation, but a low 3 for taste.

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Catching Up

  It's been awhile...as usual, not much going on.  As I look through photos on my phone, I decided to do a little blog post. Last Monday...